About Us

ELLISSON & CO., have been specilized in manufacturing Sliver Cans since 1974 and acting as pioneer of Can Industry in Taiwan.For many years reaserch and development, we succeed in not only VULCANIZED FIBRE SLIVER CANS but also PLASTIC SLIVER CANS of which are made of high impact engineering plastic without any static electricity in usage. Please be introduced that PLASTIC SLIVER CANS are as strong as traditional vulcanized fibre sliver cans and prices are more competitive.

We also make DENIM CAN (Dia. 138CM X 155cm H, Dia. 60" X 65" HEIGHT). DENIM CAN are called ROPE CAN too.
Denim Can(Pot Cylindriques de denim).

Conical Can
(Pot Conique avec collerette inox)
1450mm top diameter
1350mm bottom diameter
HeightL 1420mm are made as well.

Also we like to introduce our Cans Spring which are manufactured by most modern Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Automatic Cans Spring Machine & Heat Treatment Furnance is indispensable for spinning high quality yarn. Our Cans Springs are excellent spring characteristic and stable balnce for high speed operation.

We make vulcanized fibre cans and HDPE can are for your option.

1.Seamless Cans
High technology is adopted for making seamless cans so that the surface and the inside cans are so smooth, resulting good running and identical tension of silver, easy sliding of spring plate and without dust on seam spots.

2.Rivet Setting Cans
Rivet setting cans are also supplied in knock-down parts.