Can's For Export

KNOCK-DOWN EXPORT (VULCANIZED FIBRE CAN) Outcurl steel ring riveted with can cylinder.
There are many ways of top rim fixing, for knock-down export we suggest to use 4 rivets on top rim so that you do not need swaging machine for fixing top rim.
Ellisson Cans are exproted worldwide. We can export full assembled sliver can which are ready for use and knock- down parts to you. Different from conventional cans of rivet system, our cans for export could be assembled by our special jointing cement and sheet materials for vulcanized fibre can. Both are cut in size and coated before being shipped.
In this way, you can easily assemble ELLISSON CANS at your mill according to our technical manual and there is nothing of sliver irregularity occurs of misassembly.

Of course, we still could supply rivet system of customer request.